HiHome ♥️ Integrations

At HiHome, we simply ♥️ integrations. We believe that well thought out integrations, lead to the best use cases for our products. We want to challenge and hope to inspire you to create the smartest home on the block.

Google Assistant

Hey Google, switch on the Christmas lights! Yes, your smart speaker is in full control over your HiHome.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa, turn on the coffee machine in 10 minutes! Yes, the worlds biggest virtual assistant, knows how to talk to HiHome too.


Automate everything with IFTTT. Let a motion detector spot you in the bathroom and have HiHome switch on the lights.

Do you wish to see more integrations? Let us know what you are looking for. Do you have some inspiration you wish to share with us? We ♥️ to hear how our products changed your life!

1 in 8 domestic fires are caused by an electric household device*. Increase safety at home by switching those devices powerless while you sleep. Or when you leave home. You simply can’t act to a fire, when you aren’t there. You can make this part of a Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa request. Or simply automate it, through IFTTT.

* according to the Dutch fire services (Brandweer) who researched this in 2016.

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